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Select your wheat

  • Standard Wheat
  • MP Lokwan Wheat
  • Sharbati Wheat



Pick your
desired Mix

  • 100% Wheat
  • Multigrain Mix
  • Protein Mix
  • Multi Millet Mix



Choose your
Preferred Pisai

  • Bareek Pisai
  • Medium Pisai
  • Mota Pisai



Select your
pack size

  • 20 Kg (5 Kg x 4)
  • 10 Kg (5 Kg x 2)
  • 5 Kg
  • 2 Kg



Why you Customise your Atta?

Wheat selection process: Our uniquely selected wheat grains go througha series of quality checks to fit your specifications.
Pisai selection process: The grains are ground to perfection, as per the pisai you have chosen.
Packaging process: A fully automated process, done completely without any human contact to ensure maximum sanitation and consistency.

Customised Atta


Sustainable, healthy, delicious


Direct from your chakki


Natural, for your every occassion

Our Flour Story

Here’s why every pack from Aashirvaad Chakki is truly special

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Quality Grains Because a Flour is only as good as the grain it is made from!

Our thorough screening process of grains ensures that only the finest ones are used for your flour.

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Traditionally Ground, Only on Made-to-order Preserving Freshness & Nutrition

Every flour is made as per your choice of wheat. We use traditional chakki-like grinding for good texture and quality.

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The AASHIRVAAD Assurance!

Every pack leaving our unit comes with our heartfelt promise of purity, quality and freshness.

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Paper based Packaging. Good for you, Good for the Planet

With a stringent manufacturing process, we consistently deliver the finest quality of flours.

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Know your Wheat Type
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Standard Wheat

100% superior quality whole wheat curated by the specialists at

<span style="color: #f80a2e;">AASHIRVAAD</span>

MP Lokwan Wheat

Popularly known as the Golden Grain, this wheat type which is harvested in Madhya Pradesh is packed with essential nutrients.

Sharbati Wheat

Sharbati Select grains sourced from the field of Sehore, Madhya Pradesh. Renowned for rotis with incomparable taste and softness.

Know your mixes
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Just 100% Wheat

Goodness of 100% wheat.

Multigrain Mix

Contains chana flour, soya flour, oat flour, maize and psyllium husk.

Protein Mix

Contains maize, soya flour, chana flour, oat flour, psyllium husk powder.

Multi Millet Mix

Contains jowar flour, navane flour, bajra flour, ragi flour and quinoa flour.

Know your Pisai
1 2 3

Bareek Pisai

Ground to perfection that feels like powdered sugar.

Medium Pisai

Ground to perfection that feels like salt.

Mota Pisai

Ground to perfection that feels like sooji.

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